”Poetic and theatrical with a futuristic footprint. In my creations I can always see my determination, my fears, my doubts and my strengths… each piece represents the choice that I made.”


This project was born after a degree in Fashion design at IED Milan, European institute of fashion design, and after an intensive work experience as Product manager and Fashion designer in a knitwear company specialized in woman and child collections.


Once I felt confident enough, I took my range of experience and skills and I challenged my capacities; what followed was collaboration with Nespresso, for which I created a dress used in the advertising campaign from the United Arab Emirates. I had collaboration with the well- known showgirl Belen Rodriguez, I created a knitwear suit worn by her in an Italian TV program. I also had the pleasure to collaborate with the championship poledancer Olga Koda.



My goal is creating theatrical and poetic collections able to make every woman dream to live in a surreal and futuristic world.


Leit Motiv is the contamination, the human body, enhanced by the shape that describes the anatomy, which is humanoid in the volumes evoking robotics.

The use of techno and structured materials joins the use of natural and soft materials that weave the fibers of a dress looking in the middle between the human and the cyborg.

Leather intertwining are mixed with works in wool and embroidery in lamé hand made with great care and tireless dedication.


The colours constantly present in my collections are golden, silver and black, that remind to the stiff exoskeleton of the cyborg.

This research is born from the need to express myself and my character that closely reflects the dual aspects mixed and interwoven with each other of my collections.


Indeed, on one side my character is very strong like the shapes and the materials of the cyborg, on the other side I’m extremely sensitive as the soft shapes and the natural textiles of the humanoid.


Nespresso Stylistic Collaboration

A Dress for Arabian Emirates Advertising Campaign

Mediaset Television Collaboration

A Dress for Belen Rodriguez, Argentinian TV Showgirl

Championship Poledancer Collaboration

A polewear for Olga Koda, Russian Poledancer